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Reports, Reports, Reports!

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Here at Pacific Legacy Property Management, we offer a variety of financial reports to our owners.
These reports allow for the owners to see how they are doing financially, what type of maintenance
is being done to their property, and what income and expenses are allocated each month. An Income
statement by month report, allows for owners to see a break down of expenses and income on a
monthly basis. Please contact our office for further details.

As a board member are you curious to see how the Association’s annual budget matches up to the
actual income and expenses?

We offer a report that lets you compare side by side income and expenses, monthly. The Income
Statement Budget comparison summary report can be found in the Financial Statement report that is
generated each month. This report can also be accessed through your online portal. This report allows
you to compare budget numbers and real time numbers. It tells how the Association is doing and if they
are on track with their annual budget.


Sheri Hopkins | Accounting Director 
Pacific Legacy Property Management
600 Palm Ave Suite 225 Imperial Beach CA 91932
P: 619-464-8000 | F: 619-464-8045 |


Sheri is the Accounting Director at Pacific Legacy Property Management, and has been with the company since 2012. She oversees the completion of the monthly financial records, coordinates the completion of necessary CPA audit and reviews, taxes for the corporations and homeowner associations, as well as financial questions within the company.


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