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How Landlords Can Create More Storage Space in Rental Properties

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While every rental property applicant has a wish list for the different amenities they’d like in the rental property, some things are pretty universal. Storage space is one of those amenities that renters of all ages, incomes and locations can’t seem to get enough of. When it comes to making your rental property look as attractive as possible to prospective tenants, extra storage space is sure to entice even the pickiest applicants.

The good news is that creating more storage space, or maximizing existing space, doesn’t have to cost much, but it really makes a big impact. Don’t forget to point out all the extra storage features as you show the rental property to potential tenants. Investing in improvements for your rental property is always a good idea, and maximizing storage is not only smart but easy to do.

Maximizing Typical Storage Space

Generally, when people think of storage they are focusing on areas of the home like closets and cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. However, there are ways to maximize this typical storage space into even more than it appears, and savvy renters will immediately appreciate the extra options.

Here are 3 typical storage spaces that you can maximize easily and inexpensively:

  1. Closets: Most closets come with a shelf that spans the width of the space and sits above the hanging bar. However, closets also have lots of wasted space above that shelf and along the sides. You can install closet organizer systems to create more shelf space throughout. These easy-to-assemble wire units are highly desirable and practically triple the storage space in any closet while keeping things neat and orderly. The space above the existing closet shelf can be likewise divided with more permanent shelving—either wire or wood.
  2. Bathroom cabinets: These places are generally where people stack things up on top of each other until they create a teetering pile of things that are hard to access. Give your tenants the gift of organization by installing cabinet organizers, such as wire or wood shelves and dividers. You can also install a bathroom mirror/medicine cabinet feature. Some cabinet structures in both kitchens and bathrooms have faux drawers that can be quickly turned into real storage, as shown here.
  3. Kitchen cabinets: Of the whole house, kitchens seem to need the most storage space. Cabinets generally have adjustable shelving but there are lots of things you can do to maximize storage in this space-challenged room. Some ideas include installing a lazy susan or two on central shelves. Wire shelves, pot lid holders, door-mounted racks and tray organizers can also maximize the way tenants utilize the cabinet space in the kitchen and make your rental property really stand out.

Creating Atypical Storage Space

What will really impress potential tenants is storage space in atypical places. In other words, if your rental property offers more storage space than the competition, you are that much more likely to grab the attention of more applicants, giving you a bigger pool to choose from. Sometimes, creating permanent additional storage in atypical places may be expensive, while other options don’t cost much in time or money. No matter what kind of improvements you make regarding storage, it can have a big impact in the first impression and overall livability of the rental property.

Here is a list of 5 ideas of where you can inexpensively create or enhance storage space in atypical places at your rental property.

  1. Add one or two permanent shelves above the toilet in the bathroom.
  2. Build shelves into each side of wider bedroom closets.
  3. Mount behind-the-door organizers onto bedroom, bathroom and closet doors.
  4. Put sturdy hooks inside kitchen pantries, bedroom closets, on the wall behind bathroom doors and inside entry closets.
  5. Install shelves or cabinets on the top part of one wall in the garage, and add hooks or tool racks in logical spots on the wall.

Here is a list of 5 ideas of where you can create or enhance storage space in atypical places, but will cost a little more time and money:

  1. Cut into short walls, pony walls or knee walls to create recessed shelving between the studs.
  2. Add a small kitchen island, with plenty of cabinet space.
  3. Turn the space under the stairs into a closet or a storage compartment.
  4. Transform unused crawl spaces, odd nooks and angled empty space into closets or floor to ceiling built-in shelves.
  5. Purchase a storage shed for the property, such as from a big home improvement store.

There really is no limit to the ways you can add or enhance storage space in a rental unit. If the property or unit is particularly small, your tenants will be extra grateful for the space. Of course, landlords should always be on the lookout for things they can do to boost the appeal of a rental space. Adding storage space is something that good tenants are on the lookout for, and will really appreciate when it comes to looking at and eventually living in your rental property.

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