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Neighbor Problems – How Do I Submit a Complaint Online?

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From time to time, within community association living, there may be a point where you need assistance in dealing with an issue with your neighbor. Perhaps the matter is regarding noise, and your neighbor is not adhering to the quiet hours of the community, or other items that are causing unnecessary frustration. Everyone at your property does agree to follow a written document of regulations (typically the Rules and Regulations for most communities) and it is expected that each member of the community follow those policies. However, if they are broken, you are encouraged to let our office know immediately so that they can be addressed.

With Homeowner Associations, submitting a violation notice is the beginning to the Compliance Procedures of your community. Most Associations begin with sending the individual a Reminder Notice, where they are reminded of what the policies are with the association, and noticed that future non-compliance will result in monetary penalties. If the behavior continues, the violation process will then continue as outlined within the association’s policies ultimately ending at an Administrative Hearing where the individual then meets before the Board of Directors to explain why they have not been able to comply with the regulations, and why they should not be fined. However, to get to this point we must continue to hear further complaints that the behavior is continuing. Although the compliance proceedings against a unit are confidential information for discussion with the Board of Directors during a period of Executive Session only, it is encouraged that if the behavior is continuing then continue to report the behavior through the below form. These complaints are immediately logged, and immediately acted on. However it is important to stress that for many issues, without additional complaints, the matter can not be pushed to the Administrative Hearing.

To reach the complaint form, first visit

Click on the Contact Us button at the top right

Click on Report of Violation on the right-most grey box.

Here is a direct link if you would like to bookmark this page –

If you have any questions regarding the process, please do not hesitate to speak directly with your community manager. We can advise further. Please note that all complaints must come through in writing so that they can be properly documented. Occasionally, matters are taken to court, which at that point our office needs to make sure that we have all the necessary documentation in order to thoroughly have the matter addressed.


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