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Escrow Documents

Pacific Legacy Property Management utilizes to provide document and data delivery services for community associations. provides around-the-clock online access to all governing documents and critical project data for lenders, escrow and title companies, real estate agents, and homeowners from Pacific Legacy Property Management communities.

– Log on to and select the link to register
– Order documents by address or association name searches
– Share your order with up to four email addresses
– Multiple payment methods offered
– Hard copy delivery options available
– Email and SMS text completion notices for users
– Rush order requests
– Track your orders online with order confirmation number

All services provided, unless otherwise noted, require an upfront fee.

  • Document Package – the document package for each association is available for purchase online at Each package contains the association’s CC&Rs, ByLaws, Articles, Budget, Minutes, etc. For more information on ordering the package, please visit Should you need additional help, please use the technical support chat feature on the upper right portion of the screen. Note: A Demand/Statement of Account is not included in the document package.
  • Certificate/Questionnaire – A generic Association Certification Form/Questionnaire is available for purchase online at This site provides FHA, FNMA, and other lender specific questionnaires, which may be purchased for an additional cost. Updated monthly, they provide the most accurate information for the association.
  • Demand/Statement of Account. Demands are provided through However, in order to process a demand request, we must receive authorization from the seller/current owner. Note: All demands are completed on a first come, first served basis, except in the case of a rush. Demands will not be taken via fax, phone, or email.

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